the real world speaks for itself


and if you're not a strong "strong woman," it makes no difference: the "strong woman" cannot achieve a competent level of strength either way.  the term is an irrational and fantasy-based buzzword lacking any kind of understanding or concept of reality.

in the words of the b-52s, "yeah, tell it, tell it, tell it like it T-I is!
feminism, like homosexuality, is a gender-identity issue. a mistaken-identity issue. before i get into that, though, i would like to express that feminism is genderism, genderism is sexism, feminism is sexism.

feminists are like just like satan because, as lucifer/satan was and is spiteful towards god and his abilities, feminists are spiteful towards men and their abilities. case-in-point: vaginas sue if they're not regarded as masculine (virginia military academy, anyone?), and, just like satan, they are wannabees. we should not be allowing vaginas in combat (or anywhere near our national defense), because doing so weakens and compromises our national defense every time the physical requirements for the military are lessened so that the little gender can be represented in the military. in addition to that, new barracks just for the SPECIAL gender had to be built with taxpayers' money because, unlike the football-playing men in the locker-room who don't care if a vaginal sportscaster is in the room with them, the "strong" women in the military DO need their privacy and are too vulnerable to shower with men. they are physically-breakable pipsqueaks. every time i see a vaginal sportscaster in the locker-room with the men, i just want to see her egg-provider violated by a penis and decapitated by a muslim...and then penis-violated again. maybe, like the muslims posed with daniel pearl's decapitated head, the football players could pick up the "strong" woman's head and use her open mouth as a blowjob-provider.

women are physically-breakable pipsqueaks with a breakable sense of pride. kind of like "gay pride," which (if you've seen one of gays' in-your-face parades) is the same kind of spite that lucifer had before he was kicked out of heaven. gay "men" are masculivoids who aren't even worthy of being regarded as legitimate men, just because their own presence keeps them lonely FOR a man. gays have such a real sense of self-love, self-respect and self-esteem (insert nanny fine's nasal laugh). gay "men" disrespect self because they look to other men to complete their senses of masculine gender-identity, feminists disrespect self because they look to their unmasculine selves to complete their senses of masculine gender-identity (justified by the "a woman can do anything a man can do" bullshit), gay "men" and feminists are all a bunch of masculine insufficiencies/wannabees, and it's time that they were exposed for the mistaken identities that they personify.

christ will never send for careless sinners, such is heaven. as god hates pride, god hates gays and feminists because they PERSONIFY the sin of pride. just like satan.

another case-in-point regarding members of the lesser gender needing to be regarded as SPECIAL: the "coney island hot-dog-eating competition" went and added a "ladies' division" because the lesser pipsqueaks would not triumph if they had to compete against the greater gender and against greater appetites and bigger stomachs. additionally, this lackluster vaginal gender is not special...that is unless "special" means "special ed." or retarded. members of the egg-bleeding/milk-spouting "MOMMY" gender are lackluster in everything they do, their accomplishments pale in comparison to mens' accomplishments (sports teams and olympic events are gender-based for the same reason that the aforementioned eating-competition made a SPECIAL division to accommodate the lesser abilities of smaller stomachs, etc).

i know that feminism is sexism, i know that feminists are sexists, and i also know that any vagina who refers to a member of the bigger/taller/stronger gender as a "guy" is also a sexist. it's like members of the little gender all expect to be referred to as "women," while they refer to a man with a word as androgynous as "guy" is.

the next time a member of the shorter/smaller/weaker gender refers to a man as a "guy," as if to say that the bigger/taller/stronger gender is not worthy of being acknowledged with any word that is gender-specific, the man should either violate the pipsqueak's vagina until it spews more blood than her monthly egg-leak...or he should just never stop addressing her as a vagina "what's up, vagina" or "how's it going, vag?"..

mens' penises should forcefully enter any member of the lesser gender who thinks that shorter/smaller/weaker equals superiority. men should get into a daily habit of entering a "strong" woman, just to teach the little vag a lesson, and that lesson is that men are the superior ones. taller, bigger, stronger, hungrier, hornier. there is nothing superior about the little, lesser, inferior gender.

oh, how many things have i used today that were invented by members of the little gender? well, not facebook...which i will be using to send this letter out. ebay probably is the only vagina-inspired invention i used today. i know that the car was invented by a man, the computer was, windows operating-system was, steve jobs was a man...although his "garden of eden" bitten apple (and the original pricetag of $666.66) relates to satan as much as feminism does. jobs' glorification of satan is the actually the reason he died so young. dare i mention the masculivoid formerly known as matthew wayne shepard. such a faggot with such a cross-eyed sense of gender-identity. speaking of cross-eyed gender-identity, did you hear the one about the vag who said "a woman can do anything a man can do" - insert nanny fine's nasal laugh.

women are lesser people,. women are not superior to men. until society realizes this, until society realizes that liberalism is a vag standing on her head while telling the rest of the world that they're the upside-down (or inferior) ones, society will always be under the delusions of the father of lies ...and society will be destroyed by these pro-woman and pro-gay lies that stem from the first deadly sin (pride).

dylan terreri, i, LLC
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
in the words of the b-52s, "yeah, tell it, tell it, tell it like it T-I is!
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